Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Introducing the MyOrderPoint online service

We thought we would start our new blog by writing a brief introduction about the online service (called "myOrderPoint") that we are offering to Supply Chain wholesale distributors and manufacturers.

The myOrderPoint online service integrates in real-time with a business's live data (ex. customer, inventory, pricing, and order history data) transferred directly from one or more of their enterprise applications to the myOrderPoint online service.

myOrderPoint provides tools that enable wholesale distributors and manufacturers to access their sales quotes, orders, current inventory levels, and customer price lists in real-time using their pre-existing enterprise data. Several enterprise application drivers are available (refer to our website at http://www.myorderpoint.com/ for a complete list of currently supported applications).

myOrderPoint differs from other software applications you may have had experience with in a number of ways:
  • From a users perspecitive, it runs with the look-and-feel of a desktop application - not a website where you typically have to go through many screens to perform and action like adding an item to a cart and checking out. This service provides tools that allow you to do your job on a single screen (called a "Rich Internet Application" or RIA). In most cases, what takes you a half-dozen or more screens on your enterprise application can be done with a few clicks and drags on myOrderPoint's online interface.
  • myOrderPoint is secure. The online service integrates in real-time to an exterprise's existing data coming from one or more of your existing enterprise applications securely over the Internet via Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) and myOrderPoint's proprietary data encryption technology. myOrderPoint will allow you enrolled users to securely access your real-time enterprise data wherever they are - whether in the office or on the road.
  • Real-time integration to your existing enterprise application(s). No expense integration costs. Be connected to the data you are working with right now. No need to migrate information.
  • No additional software to install and *manage* on laptop or desktop computers. Software updates are immediate on all computers. The users simply exit their browser and log back in. After you configure myOrderPoint to your enterprise environment, the myOrderPoint service gets to your enterprise information wherever it lives on whatever platform or server you have in-house or remotely) and makes in easily accessible into a single common user interface. Users can interface with inventory data coming from one enterprise application and customer demographics from another enterprise application - even in a different part of the world. The myOrderPoint network connects today's Supply Chain in real-time.
  • No new servers to purchase. A small software component (called the "myOrderPoint Connector") is installed on one of the enterprise's pre-existing servers. The myOrderPoint service integrates with data directly from an enterprise's existing databases. No data to migrate to remote laptops and keep in sync. No laptops to upgrade because yet another piece of software needs to be run. Now you run the software without having to install it. This makes life easy for everyone. And via real-time access from anywhere, everyone sees the most current price list. Everyone know when a new product has arrived. Reps can quote consistently whether they are in-ouse or on the road. Just log in to any web browser and do your work. All the benefits on your interactive enterprise application data but done in useable in a richer, more meaningful manner.
  • You can access from any computer with online access. Simply point your Internet browserwww.myorderpoint.com, click the "Member Login" and sign in with your secure user name and password. You will have access to the online tools to help you generate quotes, submit orders, view customer order history, and current pricing an inventory levels accessed in real-time from your existing enterprise databases.

The setup process is fast and simple. A typical enterprise can be online with multiple users interacting with the new tools using your existing enterprise data in as short as a few minutes. After signing up, a technical representative will be assigned to you to help you establish the secure connection between the myOrderPoint online service and your enteprise enviroment. There is only a small software component that needs to be installed at your site on one of the enterprise's existing servers (no new servers to purchase if you already have one). After setup, the enrolled users can simply go to our site (http://www.myorderpoint.com/) to access the service.

A free trial is available on our website. You can choose to continue on after your trial period and stay on as a member to the myOrderPoint online service. Refer to our website for additional information.